Discrete Systems in a metaphorical universe where free flying blobs are compacted into a griding machine. The machine is composed of three process parts: capture, spherification and beading.

Physically displayed, Discrete Systems takes the shape of an installation composed of triangular windows and a rumbling engine.


"Discrete Systems is a new body of work, conceived as an immersive multimedia installation for Transfer Gallery. Zatonyl models in 3D space, shaping forms whose motion is directed by a series of modified parametric functions. Characteristic traits emerge as these forms evolve. Organic and soothing qualities appear, which in turn shape their environment — a system in which to assimilate." - Transfer Gallery


Discrete Systems can be seen as an analogy for many situations, but was specifically generated by feelings of entrapment that emerge from consumption and production anxiety... [including] social media, in which indefinite narratives become distilled into simple, digestible content (like hashtags) that exist in a nebulous space framed by a rigid structure of information.


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