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All Rights Reserved © Giselle Zatonyl 2017


CONDUCTIVITY - RESISTIVITY is now permanently archived HERE.



CONDUCTIVITY - RESISTIVITY is an interactive 3D museum website,

housing unique digital artworks, by pioneering artists.

The works range from 3D sculpture, interactive site-objects, video art and sound composition.


When entering the museum, navigate as if it were a browser based video game.

Follow navigation instructions and keep in mind, some objects may take longer than usual to load.


The exhibition site was built on WebGL in three.JS;

programmed by Vince McKelvie, curated and designed by Giselle Zatonyl.


CONDUCTIVITY - RESISTIVITY was originally a pavilion at the first Wrong Biennial, on December 2013.

After existing within The Wrong domain for 3 years,

an early version is permanently archived HERE.



The images below are documentation screen shots from the exhibition.

For the immersive experience, please visit CONDUCTIVITY - RESISTIVITY